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Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative

At St. John's we are working to raise awareness about Human Trafficking in Wisconsin. 

Here are some numbers that we think you should know:

80% of the Human Trafficking in Wisconsin is SEX TRAFFICKING

12-14 years old is the average age a child is coerced into the sex trade.

10-15 is the number of times a person is sold for sex per day.

Human trafficking is a $151 BILLION industry!

The exploitation of women, men and children for sex is unconscionable. This is happening right here in Wisconsin and it can feel overwhelming at first. Don't be discouraged. Learn about the problem and then share what you learn with others. Let's have the conversation! This should NOT be happening to ANYONE.  We need to talk about those who exploit others for their own gain as well as those who purchase the "product."  That "product" is a person and in early 2017, an 11 year old boy was rescued from trafficking in Milwaukee!  


We  work together with other organizations  and congregations to reduce the risks for vulnerable individuals, increase awareness of the problem, advocate for appropriate laws that do not re-victimize the victims, support aftercare through partnering with The  Women's Center of Waukesha,  Redeem and Restore, Exploit No More and Lacey's Hope Project  as well as Rubies. 


WHAT CAN YOU DO?     Click on the following links to find out.

St. John's is part of FCAST. Together we put on a program about Sex Trafficking right here in Waukesha County. This was a powerful evening during which Theresa Flores shared her personal story. A local County official and Judge also spoke about our specific situation here in Waukesha. Click on the link below to see the video of the evening.  

Standing in solidarity with victims of Sex Trafficking in Wisconsin and sharing their stories with UCC congregations at the Wisconsin Conference Annual Meeting. 

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